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Tigullio, Malta


Entrance :

30. März 2024

Date :

The magic of the white rabbit has left it's writing on the wall and like Alice we dived deep into the hole to find a world of art and wonder, there, we have found our soul.🕳🐛
An artist gathering, or tea party with local visionaries and party starters of all kinds, shapes, colors and forms. 🍰☕️
〽️5 Music Stages, Artisan Market, Exhibition's, Live Art & More
🫖Stage N.1🕓4pm-10pm
“Visit either you like: they’re both mad.”
Yard-The Exterior🍄
Artisan Market-Exhibitions-Live Art
〽️Miki Rastaman
〽️Urban Rockett
♠️Stage N.2🕙10pm-4am
''All good adventures begin with a little curiosity.''
Rocky Valley Garden-Wonderland🪄
Hosted By Afro Island
〽️Cool Mike
〽️DJ Abraham
〽️DJ Shay Who
〽️DJ Mas
〽️DJ M Funky
〽️Mr Oasis
♦️Stage N.3🕗8pm-4am
"Oh, I've had such a curious dream!"
The Shelter-Underland🪞
Hosted By Transcendent Events
〽️Alien K
〽️Human Asteroid
〽️Pax Tibi
♣️Stage N.4🕙10pm-4am
“I’m a stranger. You’re stranger. Together, we are… strangers.”
Main Hole- Rabbit Hole🕳
>>Techno Music<<
〽️Cristian Lazzara
♥️Stage N.5🕘9pm-4am
“If you don’t know where you are going any road can take you there.”
The Orb-The Outlands👀
>>Drum and Bass, Deep Dupstep, Garage, 140<<
Hosted By Fractured Sound
〽️Lad (NL)
〽️Revibe (NL)
〽️Texman (CZ/NL)

1 Day Festival

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