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Entrance :

18. März 2024

Date :

Time :

9:00 PM

🎸🎶 Join us this coming Monday, eve of a public holiday, for an electrifying evening of blues rock and country vibes at MusicPlayground's Gig-A-Jam event! 🎵🌟
But that's not all – we have a very special guest joining us for the night, ready to share their magic and captivate the audience with their unique sound and stage presence.
And what better way to end the night than with a MusicPlayground jam session?
At MusicPlayground, we're more than just a community – we're a collective of musicians dedicated to promoting and supporting our local music scene. Our events bring together artists where they enjoy music created by their peers, and get together to network, collaborate, and create unforgettable musical experiences.


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