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Jam Era

Rocky Valley Garden, Tigullio


Entrance :

1. Januar 2024

Date :

Time :

8:30 PM

Join us as we bid farewell to the year and welcome the musical magic that awaits in the upcoming year! 🌟 MusicPlayground invites you to a night that celebrates music through rhythm, melody, and individuality. We want to give to our community the unique spirit of our community at our special event,
This isn't just a gig; it's a celebration of our incredible MusicPlayground community! Come together with fellow music enthusiasts and celebrate the bonds we've built throughout the year.
We have two local bands are set to rock the stage, unleashing their best hits and setting the vibe for an unforgettable night. Get ready to groove to the beats and feel the energy of live performances. We have the graceful and radiant band, The Marmalades starting the night for us, followed by the highly energetic rock and roll star band, Memphis Mac.
As the night progresses, MusicPlayground will take the stage for an Open Jam! Whether you're a seasoned musician or just love to feel the music, join us in creating spontaneous melodies and ringing in the New Year with a musical bang.

Gig + Jam

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