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Music Playground is a conscious musical community that unites artists in celebrating the freedom of expression.

Our aim is to provide a musical service to the community, educate individuals in the sectors of music, promote local artists and provide them with necessary tools and opportunities, thus creating a community that is connected through similar values and lifestyle.


Our community and brand inspires our followers through music, interactive events and online presence and platform.

Our concept represents musical collaboration and is specifically designed to give space to and empower upcoming young talents and established professional artists from both the international and local live music scenes to share their art with others, build self-confidence and stage presence, elevating their skill and perform creative, improvised music in front of a live audience, with a big focus on collaboration, giving opportunities to all kinds of creatives.


MusicPlayground creates a sense of belonging and fosters a supportive and inclusive culture where everyone is welcome and valued. We belive in working together to achieve common goals and create something greater together.


We encourage creativity and freedom of expression, helping each individual to explore their artistic potential and express themselves in new ways.


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