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MusicPlayground Community offers a monthly membership subscription for musicians and music enthusiasts.

Our membership consists of a yearly contribution that gives access to events, workshops and discounts on musical services and equipments.

If you're a proffesional musician or service provider, we offer collaboration within our community and brand that will help you benefit from our website, platform, activities and growing community.

The Music Lovers Membership is for those who enjoy listening to live music and attending our events. By becoming a Music Lover, you not only get access to our exclusive events and performances but also support our organization and community of musicians to keep playing. It's a great way to stay connected to the music community while contributing to its growth and sustainability.

Music Lovers

What You Get 

  • Access to educational musical workshops, tutorials and lessons by renowned proffesional local musicians.

  • Discounts and collaborations with local service providers.

  • Discounts to MusicPlayground events & those of our community.

  • Get updates and access to everything happening within our collaborating musical community

Be a contributing part of our platform & community 

You will be given a MusicPlayground Membership card with free access to our events, with a free merchandise package   

Discounted prices on all music products, musical service providers and also musical workhops and educational events from all of our sponsors and collaborative partners  

We will add you to our database as a musician which gives you collaborative options with MusicPlayground, whilst also listing your musical portfolio on our website where visitors can find your links and work, and where they can contact you or book you as a musician 


Collaborating Partners

We work together with sponsors, businesses and service providers to support each other and our community through a tailored package. 

Read more to learn about how we can work together and support each other 

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Access To Events
& More

The Benefits Of MusciPlayground

Collaborative Community

Get support as a musician with opportunities to play, promote and collaborate with our community projects and more

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