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About the Founders

The people bringing this project together are aspiring innovating proffesionals in the local music industry, doing thier best to support the local scene.

Funding Breakdown

We are seeking to raise €250,000 to secure a rental space for a year, furnish it, and cover the operational costs. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

- Rent : €150,000 
- Equipment : €50,000
- Operational Costs : €35,000
- Marketing and Outreach: €15,000

Our project provides creative spaces suited for all kinds of artists, from practicing bands, music producers, students, and other artistic proffesions. We will also have classrooms, bathrooms, a kitchenette, lounges, and gallery spaces to create a supportive artistic community. 

Creative Spaces

Equipped with top-notch equipment to meet the highest standards of artistic and musical production. We will have all the nessacary recording gear and instruments for musicians, and other tools for visual artists, ensuring that you have the best resources at your fingertips.

Top Notch Equipment

We will have a platform that offers a membership scheme for our vibrant community to interact and benefit from our services, that will offer more than just renting a space, but service packages,  collaborative opportunities.

Community Eco System 

We are launching this campaign to create a vibrant community of musicians and artists who will co-share facilities in artist residencies, memberships, and educational programs.

Many musicians have recently been evicted from their current premises, leading to a large demand for practice spaces for creative practitioners of all forms.



- Without proper spaces, artists often face isolation and a lack of opportunity to network and grow professionally."

- Many artists struggle to find affordable, suitable spaces to practice and collaborate. This lack of resources stifles creativity and limits potential."

The Problem


"Without any direct and immediate governmental support, there is a dire need for such a space, and we're actively seeking the community's help to build this project."

- Our project transforms 20+ rooms into a dynamic hub designed for artists, musicians, and creatives. These spaces will provide the necessary tools and environment for artistic growth.

Our Solution

- By supporting local artists, we contribute to a vibrant cultural landscape and stimulate the local economy. These spaces will become a focal point for artistic events, workshops, and exhibitions.

Our Perks


Your name on our Founders Wall, a high quality uniquely designed musical T- shirt with our cause.

€50 EUR


30 hours of acess to our innovative space when it's operational giving you a free 1-month membership to an equipped rehearsal space with a P.A., Bass Amp, Guitar Amp, and Analog Mixer.

€200 EUR


A collaboration with one of our collaborative entities, offering a free service, idea creation or exchange. 

€100 EUR


Any kind of donation to the cause.

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